Monday, June 11, 2012

Bicoastal Weekend: Portland to New York

Here's what I did over the weekend:

Karaoke, eyelashes, Pimm's, Portland, rain, silly outfits. Then I got on a plane, and now I'm here:

Tiny peanut packets, tall buildings, wake-up calls and coffee.

How was your weekend?


  1. Exactly the same, except for the peanut packets and tall buildings. Coincidence?

  2. Wait, also no wake-up calls. Otherwise indistinguishable from yours.

  3. Wait wait wait - you were singing karaoke in Portland with Pimm's and you didn't say hi?!?

  4. According to a recent bio of the Yankees star pitcher Lefty Gomez, he was in the dugout when a rookie pitcher gave up a home run to the power hitter Ted Williams. The kid came to the dugout and asked the veteran "How would you have pitched him?" "Under an assumed name," said Gomez. This applies to me singing karaoke.

    Nah, but the coffee was delicious. I'm getting over my back trouble and made nectarine-blackberry crisps the other day; the Summer fruit is definitely here. Something to think about.



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